ASOCIAŢIA ISTTRAROM-TRANSLATIONES din Romania este o societate ştiinţifică şi are ca scop promovarea cercetării şi cercetătorilor români şi străini preocupaţi de studierea istoriei traducerii româneşti şi a traductologie literare şi non literare sub toat





The ISTTRAROM-TRANSLATIONES from Romania is a scientific society whose aim is to promote research and Romanian and foreign researchers interested in studying the history of Romanian translation and of literary and non-literary translatology, under all its aspects. It is also meant to encourage the development of exchanges between researchers at the University of the West and at other similar institutions in the country and abroad.



6.1. The objectives of the ISTTRAROM-TRANSLATIONES Association are the following:

- to offer a wide range of information about the state of traductology research in Romania;

- to edit the Translationes journal and other publications containing specialised information in the domain of literary translatology;

- to publish, dispatch and edit (print) specialised publications;

- to organize national and international symposiums, conferences and congresses with the participation of specialists from the country and abroad;

- to organize a center of information about the activities and research of the ISTTRAROM-TRANSLATIONES Association;

- to offer assisstance and support for the promotion and development of research in the domain of the history of Romanian translation and traductology;

- to cooperate with institutions of the European Union and their partners (research centers included);

- to build data bases and facilitate the interested public’s access to them;

- to offer assisstance on themes in the domain of the Association;

- to offer scholarships and financial support for specific research projects;

- to create a library and an archive in the domain of translation and traductology;

- to put together the general history of the Romanian translation.


Art.10 Member categories

10.1 Founding member, quality which lies with the persons who participated in the constitution of the present Association;

10.2. Honorary member – an honorary member will be that person who has a high professional profile and who brings an essential contribution to the development and the promotion of the aims and objectives of the ISTTRAROM-TRANSLATIONES Association.

10.3. Certified member – a member who has the right to nominate and vote.

10.4. Associated member – a member who has the right to a consultative vote.


Art.11. Becoming a member of the association

11.1 Joining the Association is done individually, by filling in a form. Those who may become members of the ISTTRAROM-TRANSLATIONES Association are natural and corporate bodies, in the country or from abroad, who support morally and financially the Association in its meeting its objectives. The history of Romanian translation, literary and non-literary translatology must be part of the professional background of these people.

11.2. Requirements for becoming a new member of the Association:

a) the applicants must recognize the statute of the organization and its managing bodies and must be willing to get actively involved in various actions, at the request of the managing and control bodies;

b) the applicants must be willing to pay the annual membership fee, which is established by the General Assembly.

c) to apply the principles and values of transpersonal psychology, in order to know and develop their own being.

11.3 The official information of the ISTTRAROM-TRANSLATIONES Association are delivered by the secretariat of the Association in Romanian, French, Italian, Spanish, German and English. All the contributions of the members accepted by the scientific committee of TRANSLATIONES will be published in one of the languages of the publication: French, Italian, Spanish, German or English.