The annual translation and traductology journal Translationes is a vivid journal. Published by the ISTTRAROM–TRANSLATIONES Studies Center, the journal aims at combining actual translation with the practice of translation in the university and the theory of translation problems. The involvement of several socio-professional categories that manifest themselves in the field of translation will contribute to the creation of an authentic general image — which may become global or complete in the future — of the translation phenomenon (the Romanian one, especially), no matter the source or the target languages.
The structure of Translationes journal:

  1. Theoretical section (thematic)
  2. Practical–thematic section
    • Pratique et didactique de la traduction
    • Practice and didactics of translation
  3. Sociology of translation
  4. From the translator (area reserved to translators, not only literary, but also non–literary, scientific, etc, as well as for student translators)
  5. Homage to translators and traductologists
  6. Original translations (area reserved to literary translators exclusively — poetry, prose, philosophy)
  7. Reviews
  8. Interviews with translators/traductologists

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